Why Does My AC Make a Popping Sound?

Have you noticed weird sounds coming from your AC unit lately? Maybe these sounds are popping noises that almost sound like a big piece of popping popcorn, or perhaps they sound more like firecrackers. Popping sounds are not unusual when it comes to air conditioners—however, if you do hear these noises, turn your system off straightaway and contact AC repair specialists.

What Does the Popping Sound in My Air Conditioner Mean?

So, the question is this: Why does my AC make a popping sound? There may be a few answers. First, let’s discuss why we warned you to turn your system off straightaway at the sign of a popping sound.

  • If your system is being flooded with liquid, it can produce those popping sounds. Your air conditioner’s compressor or motor is sucking up liquid refrigerant through the intake side which could lead to major damage to your system if not repaired
  • If there is a problem with the motor bearing or mount, this may also cause a popping sound. Or, the spinning blade inside your system could be hitting something inside the air handler.
  • There may be something outside of the unit that is causing an obstruction and making the popping sound.
  • Electrical problems, such as loose wires, can also create popping sounds. If these problems aren’t corrected, they can spark fires or transmit electrical shock!

If you feel comfortable doing so, you can open up your unit to check if one of these causes could be the culprit. You’ll have to remove the front grill cover by either unscrewing it or snapping it off (every unit is different). Take a look, and see if anything on the above list seems to be the problem.

We suggest that if you find something we’ve described on the above list, you should contact an HVAC specialist right away. If none of these reasons apply to you or if you’d rather have someone else diagnose the problem, call us at 949-340-3917 today!

A less serious cause of popping sounds can happen when you have new vents installed or you have your vents cleaned. If this is the case, there could be pressure buildup inside. This pressure can cause the ducts to expand and this may make an audible popping sound. This problem will likely correct itself over time. However, unless you know for sure, you should call an HVAC specialist if your AC is making a popping sound.

When Popping Noises Aren’t a Big Deal

Popping and cracking noises coming from your AC may not be as serious as the issues above. There’s no need to worry if the noise doesn’t occur often or if the noise rarely occurs when the AC kicks on. Changes in temperature cause the duct in AC systems to expand, resulting in a popping or cracking noise when the system first kicks on. This is normal and generally harmless.

However, if the popping noises in your AC occur all season, happens your ducts may leaking air or not properly configured. In this case, scheduling repair could not only stop the noises but could even lower your energy bills.

AC Repair Service in Orange County

If you are concerned about weird noises coming from your AC unit, the best thing to do is to call a professional. A Dynamic Air Services technician will be able to troubleshoot your system without causing more damage and help you choose what next steps to take.

If you are in need of AC repair in Orange County, CA, contact the team at Dynamic Air Services today!

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