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Hydronic Heating in Southern California

For heated floors and radiant warmth throughout the home, it’s time to look at the great technology of hydronic heating. Hydronic systems function much like traditional boilers found in cold climates, with hot water pumped around the home into radiators that disperse heat evenly and efficiently. Today’s hydronic heating in Southern California includes baseboard floor heating as well as complete home heating in some cases. Hydronic heating starts with a boiler that can be powered by gas, propane, or electricity. You can also supplement the fuel with solar energy. The boiler creates high-temperature water that moves in tubes throughout the home, radiating warmth with relatively little energy required. If you hate cold floors in the winter, hydronic heating just might be your best solution. Many Southern California homes can even receive all the heating they need through radiators powered by hydronics. Dynamic Air Services can help plan an installation or retrofitting to add hydronic heating to your home in Orange County or throughout Southern California. We love helping people find energy-efficient solutions for better home comfort, and hydronics has plenty to offer.
Benefits of Hydronic HeatingPeople love hydronic heating because it quietly and comfortably adds the perfect amount of heating for a California winter. Radiant heat is greener than forced air, and hydronic systems are really all you need in many local homes.
  • More energy efficient than forced-air heating systems in the California climate
  • Can be added to an existing boiler or water heater system
  • Quieter than other heating systems
  • Consistent temperatures; heat distributes evenly in each room
  • Improved air quality compared to allergen-filled ductwork
  • Space saving (less equipment and no ductwork)

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How to Use Hydronic Heating

Building a new home or time to replace your heating system? Does your home not have heating and you want a simple solution that is energy-efficient? Hydronic heating makes sense for our mild heating season. Some of the most popular applications of hydronic heating in Southern California include:
  • Radiant baseboard heating
  • Zone heating for cold rooms
  • Radiator heating as an alternative to central heating
  • Heated swimming pools

Why Choose Dynamic Air Services for Heating System Replacement?

We’re a family-owned company and a team of real HVAC experts with over 15 years of experience. We’re constantly learning, and we know the best heating systems for Southern California. You can expect a master-level installation of your heating system replacement, with friendly customer service to make sure you’re satisfied with the process and results.

Hydronic Heating Installation in Southern California

Dynamic Air Services works with homeowners and builders to design hydronic heating systems that minimize energy consumption while providing comfy, consistent warmth. We can add hydronic heating to one or more rooms, or implement a whole-home solution for radiant heating that saves you money and keeps your family warm and happy on the coldest winter days. Contact us today through the online form or give us a call to discuss hydronic heating in Southern California.

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