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A great HVAC system is only as strong as its weakest part. If your systems run normally but you feel inconsistent temperatures, poor air quality, or out of control humidity levels, your ductwork may be leaking conditioned air before it ever reaches your rooms. Energy bills that seem higher than they should also point to possible ductwork problems.

Dynamic Air Services tracks down gaps and leaks with precision. Our technicians know how to work around even the most complex or difficult to reach ducts. After our duct-sealing service, you can enjoy greater comfort and minimized utility bills thanks to properly sealed, fitted, and insulated ducts.

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Are Your Ducts Leaking Air?

You may not be able to locate the problem, but you can feel the effects of leaking or improper ductwork — in terms of both air quality and utility bills.

  • Underperforming energy efficiency: When air leaks out of ductwork, your heating and cooling system cannot deliver the home comfort it should. You pay for the energy consumption, but do not get to enjoy the results! Signs include spiking bills and systems that run constantly.
  • Inconsistent temperatures: Do you have that one room that doesn’t get cooled or warmed like the others?
  • Stale, humid air: Gaps not only leak air, but draw in ambient air. Duct sealing prevents attic dust, outside air, and stale smells from entering your conditioned air.
  • Frequent repairs: Duct leaks make the system work harder, which makes it break down faster.

Duct Sealing Service in Orange County

Dynamic Air Services takes a high-tech approach to locating leaks and sealing ducts. Our technicians use advanced diagnostics to test the ducts and quickly find any gaps, holes, or ill-fitting connections. We leave no leak behind.

Duct sealing can take several forms depending on the problem: foam sealants, metal-backed tapes, insulation wraps, and correcting flaws in the installation. These methods allow us to solve your duct leakage issues with solutions that last for decades. Afterward, you can expect to enjoy increased energy efficiency and greater home comfort, more reliably.

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