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Air Conditioner Maintenance

Serving Orange County & Riverside County The Dynamic Tune-up is designed to optimize the efficiency of air conditioning systems through correction of airflow, adjustment to refrigerant charge and proper duct testing and sealing. For a homeowner, this means big savings on future repairs, and monthly electric bills. Just like your car, if your A/C isn’t running at peak performance, you could be running up higher operating costs by using a larger amount of energy then necessary, which equals a higher bill for you. A poorly-tuned system produces irregular wear on system components. This could also be extremely costly in the long run. Even new systems that are set-up incorrectly will run below peak performance. We do it right, and guarantee it. Dynamic Air Services offers two energy saving services, our performance evaluation computer (P.E.C) tune up and duct test and seal (DTS), to improve the energy efficiency level of your A/C system. Both of these are extremely beneficial in saving money – every month.
Air Conditioner Maintenance Benefits
  • Reduce your energy cost and usage by improving the efficiency of your A/C system
  • Reduce the air leakage from your home’s duct system – equals savings on your electric bills, every month.
  • Increased indoor comfort, and air control
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Reduces future repairs and replacements, that could be very costly
  • Keeps the system from having any mildew smells or odors, and reduces the dust within the vents
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Air Conditioner Maintenance From Dynamic

The Dynamic Tune-Up consists of two different energy-saving tune-up services (Refrigerant Charge & Airflow and Duct Test and Seal). Homeowners can receive BOTH tune-up services during the technician’s visit. By combining these services, you get a more efficient air conditioning system, while also reducing cool air loss through your duct system. This will optimize your energy efficiency while minimizing the amount of time your equipment operates. The two types of services are detailed below.

HVAC Refrigerant Charge & Airflow Testing

Trained technicians use computerized diagnostic equipment to test the operation of your air conditioner. After analyzing these results, the technician tunes up your air conditioner, making any needed adjustments to the airflow and refrigerant charge. All air conditioning units will have the condenser coils cleaned and the air filter replaced. This comprehensive service is designed to restore your A/C operating system to a higher efficiency level.

Duct Testing & Duct Sealing

Qualified technicians use computerized diagnostic equipment to find the percentage of air leaking out of your duct system. The equipment pushes air into the ducts at a specified rate. This allows the technician to locate leakages and disjointed duct pieces. Once located, the technician will seal these leaks. An average home has a significant amount of duct system leakage and loses cool air as a result. The DTS service will help reduce air loss, allowing your home to maintain a comfortable temperature.

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Keep your air conditioning running like new for years to come with air conditioner maintenance service from Dynamic Air Solutions. Since 1998 we have provided our residential and commercial customers with quality, affordable HVAC sales, maintenance, repair, parts and more. We have always made customer satisfaction our top priority. Our unique high-quality service has awarded us an A+ RATING on and 5 STARS on Call us at 949-216-8611 or fill out the contact form on the right to schedule air conditioner maintenance services in Orange County, CA today!

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