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HVAC For Greenhouses

Serving Orange County & Riverside County Regulating the temperature and air quality of a greenhouse involves plenty of factors including window ventilation, curtains, whitewashing, and other passive approaches. Greenhouses also need a finely tuned HVAC system to ensure your crops, plants, or flowers have ideal conditions year-round.

Dynamic Air Services provides HVAC services for greenhouses including commercial food production facilities as well as home greenhouse gardens throughout Southern California.

If you are building a greenhouse or need an HVAC contractor who is experienced at servicing greenhouse equipment, please request services online or call us at ​949-649-8794.

HVAC Systems for GreenhousesNo matter what you grow, Dynamic Air Services can help you design and implement an optimal HVAC system for your greenhouse.

  • Commercial greenhouse farms
  • Residential greenhouses
  • Botanical gardens and conservatories
  • Greenhouse nurseries
  • Cannabis grow rooms

For heating and air conditioning, we service a variety of boilers, furnaces, radiant heating systems, and ductless mini split systems, as well as specialty greenhouse HVAC systems that combine mold protection, humidity control, and other features in one package.

Whether you have a backyard greenhouse or a large commercial facility, Dynamic Air Services has the technicians you need to install or repair the HVAC system!

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Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation for Greenhouses

At Dynamic Air Services, we always use cutting-edge technology to make sure our clients enjoy systems that are precision-tuned for accurate controls, optimum air quality, and easy controls. For greenhouse growers, it’s especially important to work with an HVAC company that can ensure your greenhouse has proper conditions whether it’s a 97º afternoon in July or a January night in the 30s.

Ventilation and air exchanges are also critical for greenhouses, so we help you develop systems that use a combination of passive and active ventilation. For example, the thermostat can control skylights and windows to let in fresh air, or automatically switch over to an exhaust fan whenever necessary to maintain the right humidity, air quality, and temperature.

HVAC Estimates for Greenhouses in Southern California

Talk to our greenhouse HVAC experts today to discuss the requirements of your plants and how we can help ensure proper temperature and air quality. We serve all of Southern California including the Orange County and Riverside County areas and beyond.

Call ​949-649-8794 or contact us at Dynamic Air Services for greenhouse HVAC services including system design, installation, repairs and maintenance.

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