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Commercial AC Repair in Southern California

While it may at first seem silly to say that the productivity of your business hinges on a working air conditioning system, that sentiment will change fast if the AC goes down in the middle of a Southern California summer day. Our experts understand that you need the assistance of a service team that can arrive promptly and provide service that is both quick and precise, which is why we’re glad to say you’ll get that and more with the pros at Dynamic Mechanical.

Our trained service technicians and emergency AC service teams have been meeting the needs of local businesses in Orange and San Diego Counties for over two decades now. With our dedication to thorough, effective, and customized services, we can ensure you receive a cost-minded solution that gets you back to normal as soon as accuracy will allow.

For commercial AC repair service and emergency cooling equipment support contact Dynamic Mechanical online right away, or call 949.352.4741 at any time!

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24-Hour Commercial AC Repair and Service

Many businesses run late into the night, very early in the mornings, on the weekends, or even all day. And during any of these times an air conditioning system can go down. Our team understands that you cannot afford to wait for a “convenient” time to seek AC repair service, so we strive to make any time the right time to call on Dynamic Mechanical. Our emergency service technicians are available any day or time, so never hesitate to reach out when you need a service team that you can trust.

Call 949.352.4741 to connect with a dedicated emergency service member at Dynamic Mechanical now!

Signs You Need Commercial AC Repair

Much of the time, a complication doesn’t start out as something monumental. Often, a problem is very small at first and can even be quite simple and inexpensive to handle. This is the time you want to call! Keep an eye out for any of the following common signs of an impending commercial air conditioner issue:

  • Increases in energy costs – The vast majority of issues, both minor and major, are going to result in a system that works longer and harder in order to keep up. This means an increase in energy costs, which make for an effective initial warning if you keep an eye on bills.
  • Leaks or excessive condensation – Finding excess moisture on or around a unit can point to frost building on evaporator coils or complications with the condensate drain system, both of which need to be handled right away.
  • Unusual persistent noises – Weird sounds will very frequently, if not always, trace back to damaged, loose, or worn out AC components like the fan assembly, belts, bearings, and other moving parts.
  • Impacts on your business’ electrical – Your business’ electrical systems should account for the draw your cooling systems create, so a sudden flicker in the lights when the unit cycles or a breaker trip is typically the sign of a problem.
  • Warm spots in rooms or areas – Even cooling is very important, and lots of complications can cause a system to fail in this. Restrictions in air flow, a lack of maintenance, and refrigerant leaks are all potential causes.

Commercial Air Conditioner Repair Contractors in Orange County

Our commercial service teams are trained, certified, and insured, offering you a single source for all of your air conditioner service needs. When your business’ cooling systems go down, we’re the name you can trust for surefire service, superior care, and complete satisfaction. Contact us now to schedule a consultation!

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