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Why is My AC Blowing Warm Air?

Air conditioners have one job — so when they do the opposite and blow hot air into the home, it’s extremely frustrating. Many causes of an AC blowing warm air can be solved within minutes, however. Let’s figure out why your AC is struggling and whether you need to call a technician.

Why an Air Conditioner Runs Hot

Warm air from the AC means that the fan works but the equipment is either struggling to cool air or isn’t cooling at all. So the good news is that your AC is not completely broken and probably just needs one or two fixes.

Here’s a rundown of the probable causes so you’ll know what to look for:

  • Breaker tripped on outside unit
  • Condenser coils or air filters are dirty or clogged
  • Refrigerant is low or leaking
  • Air ducts are leaking
  • Thermostat is accidentally set wrong or has a wiring problem
DIY Fixes for an AC Blowing Warm Air

As you follow the trail, you can correct many of those issues yourself. You probably only need to call an HVAC professional if you can’t reach the equipment or can’t find the problem.

  • Check the breaker box — and remember that central AC has two units. Hot air blowing from the AC means that the outdoor unit has lost power.
  • Clean the AC equipment — broom away debris and use a spray hose.
  • Replace or clean air filters — dirty filters block cooled air and overheat the AC.
  • Reset the thermostat — Double-check the settings. If the fan is set to “ON,” change it to “AUTO.” The “ON” setting really means “blow ambient temperature air when the AC is not actively cooling.” That’s no good in hot weather.
When to Call a Professional For Repairs

Can’t find the source of the problem, or found something broken? Call your AC repair company for help. Other than the DIY solutions above, this problem calls for a professional.

Refrigerant can only be handled by a licensed technician, and any condenser coil or motor problems are too complicated for the average homeowner.

Mysterious problems can also be found by HVAC pros using advanced diagnostics equipment. We can pinpoint a duct leak or electrical problem and fix it quickly, so there’s no sense wasting a weekend crawling around your attic or trying to become a semi-pro electrician overnight.

Fix an AC Blowing Hot Air in Orange County, CA

If your AC is torturing you with warm air, check for those visible problems first. Then call Dynamic Air Services if you need HVAC repair services in Southern California. We’ll get your AC blowing cool air again and at maximum efficiency. Contact us online or call 949-649-8794 to schedule service.

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