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Tips for Finding Your Optimal Sleep Temperature

Temperature plays a significant role in getting a good night’s sleep. When you’re sleeping, your brain tries to achieve a cooler temperature. To initiate sleep, your body temperature drops. Therefore, when you’re trying to sleep in a room with a temperature that’s not conducive to the body temperature your brain is trying to set, it’s going to be difficult for you to fall and stay asleep. Check out the following tips to ensure that you’re sleeping at the most comfortable temperature.

1. Adjust the Thermostat

You don’t want your house to be too cold or too hot. If you reside in a cold climate, you are likely running your heater for much of the year. You probably keep your thermostat set to around 68 degrees. For optimal sleep, this should be fine; however, if you find that you are still a bit chilly, you might want to think about adding on some extra layers to your bed or body to keep warm. If you reside in a warm climate like Southern California, then you’re probably keeping your home at a lower temperature to stay cool. While you might be tempted to set your thermostat to a cooler temperature like 66 degrees, this will actually run up your AC bill. For efficiency, you’ll want to set your thermostat to somewhere between 75 and 78 degrees. This will still help to support a proper sleeping temperature without boosting your energy bills.

2. Try Various Ways to Cool Your Room

Since your body temperature decreases naturally at night in order to signal that it’s time to sleep, you can help calibrate your body temperature and prepare for sleep by keeping your bedroom cool. A cool room also helps your body produce melatonin, a natural sleep hormone. Melatonin helps with circadian rhythm regulation. This is your body’s 24-hour internal clock in charge of managing your sleep-wake cycle. Your body starts to naturally produce melatonin when it starts getting darker. Your body also begins cooling itself down at this time, signaling that it’s ready for sleep. When you sleep in a cool room, you’re helping with the natural melatonin production, as well as lowering your body temperature. Besides room and body temperature, there are other factors you may not be considering. For instance, you’ll also want to consider your pajamas, sheets, and pillows. You may have your bedroom set at 60 degrees, but if you’re sleeping in thick fabrics, it can leave your body feeling a whole lot warmer than that. Avoid sleeping in thick fabrics like wool pajamas or heavy blankets. You’ll also want to avoid memory foam pillows. These may be comfortable and conform to your head’s shape, but they can easily make you feel too hot. Other ways to keep your bedroom cool include:
  • Using a cooling pillow and blanket to help regulate your body temperature
  • Using a fan to circulate the air in your room
  • Opening windows
  • Wearing breathable, light pajamas to bed (cotton)
  • Drinking cold water
  • Turning off appliances that produce a lot of heat
  • Keeping your bedroom dark

3. Change Up Your Routine

You can also make some adjustments to your nighttime routine to help you stay cool enough so that you can easily fall and stay asleep. For instance, avoid engaging in strenuous exercise several hours before bedtime. It could take your body a while to cool down after a strenuous workout. Taking a long, hot bath could also produce the same effect. Instead, take a cool shower at night to help decrease your body temperature before bedtime. If you’re not in the mood for a cool shower, try eating a cold popsicle or drinking some ice water before going to bed to produce the same effect. You should also avoid consuming a big meal for dinner, particularly a hot one. Not to mention, using your cooktop or oven will not only make you feel hot, but it will also heat up your kitchen, forcing your air conditioner to work harder to cool your home back down.

4. Install a Smart Thermostat

Installing a smart thermostat is one of the best ways to keep your home’s temperature consistently cool for sleep. You can adjust the temperature to how you like it and manage your sleep pattern during the night. You can program a specific temperature schedule for your home while cutting back on your energy consumption. For example, you can set it to run all night long or have it turn off when you’re away. Smart thermostats give you total control over managing the way your house feels when it comes time to sleep or rest. You can also control your smart thermostat through your smartphone or tablet. It runs on Wi-Fi, allowing you to control your home’s temperature from wherever you have an internet connection.

5. Install a Zoned AC System

If family quarrels over different thermostat settings keep you up at night, you might want to consider zoning for better control over the temperature. With a Zoned AC system, specific areas of your house can be set at different temperatures. Zoned setups won’t just improve your comfort; they’ll also provide substantial energy savings, enabling you to set the temperature in spaces you’re not occupying to decrease your AC unit’s load without sacrificing your comfort.

6. Get an AC Tune-Up

Keeping your air conditioner tuned up and in good working order is important. HVAC maintenance will help you avoid or at least substantially postpone unexpected AC repairs or breakdowns. Sometimes, we believe the thermostat is set to the right temperature, but then we still have problems sleeping because of unknown issues with the HVAC unit. Issues could be due to the thermostat incorrectly reading temperatures, or they could be due to your HVAC system not optimally performing because of broken parts or a lack of maintenance. You’ll want an expert HVAC technician to come to your home and diagnose the problems.

7. Maintain a Reliable Heating System

Don’t forget about your heating system. While homeowners in Southern California are usually more worried about keeping their home and bedroom cool, it’s still important to have a reliable heating system for those times of the year when it gets cooler. Proper HVAC maintenance might be part of the overall solution of keeping your home and bedroom at an optimal sleeping temperature. To ensure that your heating system operates properly, it’s important to regularly schedule HVAC maintenance into your home’s care plan.

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