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Five Tips for Choosing an Air Conditioning Contractor

Does the thought of hiring a repairman make you nervous? Relax, because you are in charge throughout the process. You just need to spend a little time researching and asking the right questions. Check the reviews, make a shortlist, and start making calls — the right AC contractor will become obvious when you find someone you can trust.

1. Conduct A “Background Check”

Online reviews can get stale, and some companies will have great reviews about services you don’t really need. Look for recent, happy customers who have hired the contractor for similar AC repairs as what you need.

Check licenses, contact references, and be diligent about the whole process. Ask the contractor and their references specific questions about your AC system and what they’ll do if the job turns out to be more difficult than it seems at first.

2. Do You Need a Specialist?

If you have ductless AC or a type of equipment that is less common, ask contractors about their experience working with that equipment. But everybody should try to hire an AC contractor with expertise in the job at hand. You don’t want a general handyman or someone who normally works on furnaces or commercial equipment when you only need your home air conditioner serviced.

3. Get an Informed, Written Estimate

The estimate process tells you a lot about an HVAC contractor’s professionalism and communication skills. Will they visit your home to make the estimate? Are there guarantees in writing about how they handle cost overruns? Does the contractor seem knowledgeable and comfortable about servicing the brand of equipment and the duct layout?

4. Know the Value of a Good Reputation

Companies with branded vehicles, uniformed employees, and a presence in the local community tend to be more reliable — they have a reputation at stake. It’s best to hire a contractor who wants to earn your trust, not just make a quick dollar.

5. Green Contractors are Best

AC contractors who care about energy efficiency tend to do the best job. That’s because you have to be knowledgeable about all the latest technology in order to boost energy savings, and because the health of the AC greatly affects energy efficiency. The contractor who knows how to make AC systems more energy efficient will likely do the best job in providing a clean-running, smooth-operating system.

Ready to start making calls? Talk to multiple HVAC companies in your area and be thorough with questions and research.

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