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5 Signs You Need AC Repairs

If you come home in the middle of the summer to a house that’s uncomfortably hot, that’s a pretty sure sign you need to call an HVAC technician. Unfortunately, not all indications that your air conditioner needs repair will be that obvious. Make sure your AC stays in prime condition, and your home stays comfortable, by watching out for these warning signs.
1. You’ve Seen A Spike In Your Energy Bills.
A big increase in your bill means your AC isn’t running efficiently. If you call for a maintenance check, a certified technician will make sure everything is in good working order.
2. Your AC Is Really Noisy.
Your air conditioner will always make some level of noise, but how much is too much? Loud rattling or banging can mean a loose part, which can cause damage to to the rest of your machine. Screeching sounds are usually caused by an issue with your belt. Call an expert to diagnose the raucous!
3. Your Unit Is Leaking Or Frozen.
Obviously, a puddle of water is never a good sign. Before mold becomes an issue, get someone in there to fix the problem. Also, a frozen AC could be caused by a refrigerant leak, which is something you’ll want fixed sooner rather than later.
4.Your Home’s Air Isn’t Comfortable.
Do you have uneven cooling in different rooms around your house? Maybe you’ve noticed that the air just won’t get cold enough. Or, perhaps your home feels muggy or humid. All of these could be because of an issue with your AC that needs repair.
5. You Have Low Airflow.
If your home’s air doesn’t feel as cool as you want it, it could also have something to do with your airflow. The next time your AC kicks on, try putting your hand next to the vent. If the air blowing out isn’t very powerful, you’ve got a problem.
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Think your air conditioner or home is suffering from one of the problems above? The experts at Dynamic Air Services can help! We’ve been keeping families in Orange County and the surrounding area cool for over 15 years. For high quality work, affordable prices, and excellent customer service, call Dynamic Air Services today! Contact us online or call our office at ​949-649-8794 for your AC repair needs.
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