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Importance of Regular Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

As a commercial building manager or owner, you want to make sure that those inside of your building are as comfortable as possible. While you may schedule regular plumbing and HVAC maintenance, many often forget about getting their ducts cleaned.    Commercial duct cleaning is a great way to ensure that your system stays in excellent shape while improving the comfort of those who use the building everyday. Continue reading for information on what makes air ducts dirty, what to expect from duct cleaning and the benefits of duct cleaning.   If you are ready to schedule commercial air duct cleaning in Corona, CA, give our team at Dynamic Air Services a call at (949) 979-4592. 

What Makes Air Ducts Dirty

Over time, air ducts can become full of debris which can negatively impact its function. Here are just some of the things that make air ducts dirty:  
  • Dust
  • Cobwebs
  • Droppings
  • Dead insects
  • Pet dander
  • Mold
  All of these things can affect the health and comfort of your employees and customers. They may develop eye, nose and throat irritation, colds, flu and more. Proper air duct commercial maintenance is especially important for workers who may have respiratory issues such as asthma. When workers become sick from dirty air ducts, it can substantially decrease productivity. To ensure the continued health of those who use the building, it’s important that you schedule commercial air duct cleaning.

What to Expect From Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

When you schedule air duct cleaning, there are a few tasks that the technician may complete:  
  • Inspection of the HVAC system to check for any issues that may affect the duct cleaning.
  • Inspection of the air ducts to look for mold growth, animal droppings and asbestos.
  • Use of a video camera for areas that are difficult to access in order to inspect for issues.
  • Covering any furniture with protectant sheets in the case of falling dust or debris. 
  • Cleaning of the air ducts using high efficiency particulate air vacuums so that all dust and debris are removed. The use of special equipment for this task ensures that the debris is actually removed and not just disturbed and sent out of the vents into the workplace. 
  • Brushing and vacuuming of any larger particles, along with proper disposal of any of these items if necessary.
  • Check for any leaks in the duct work and, if possible, seal any of those leaks. 
  • Replace all air filters to maintain system efficiency and keep indoor air quality in good shape.
  When your technician completes these tasks, it will significantly improve indoor air quality, worker health and HVAC system efficiency. It is important to schedule duct cleaning once a year so that you can maintain optimal health and safety.

Benefits of Scheduling Air Duct Cleaning

There are many benefits to scheduling regular commercial maintenancing for your air ducts. Take a look at four of the biggest benefits that you will receive:

1. Building Inspections

Any commercial building owner has dealt with building inspections in the past. Businesses can often receive a lower rating or grade if their air ducts are dirty. In some cases, an inspector may want to visually inspect the ducts. If the ducts are not clean, they may give you a citation as it can be a health hazard depending on the severity. In order to continue receiving good scores on your building inspections, it’s important to get the air ducts professionally cleaned. 

2. Indoor Air Quality

It’s easy to forget just how important having clean air is. When you have dirty air ducts, workers are more likely to get sick and take days off. This is because the dust and debris blow through the ducts and out of the vents into the workspace. Having clean air ducts means your workers inhale clean air. This significantly reduces the number of sick days that workers will take off. Having clean air ducts also keeps workers happy, comfortable and productive. 

3. Save Money

When you take care of your air ducts and make sure that they are being properly cleaned, you can save big on your energy bills. This is because when air ducts are clean, they perform better. Increased efficiency means that the system does not have to work as hard to produce air. When you have a more efficient system you also have a reduced risk for unexpected repairs and replacements. Air duct cleaning can save you thousands of dollars on possible damages.

4. Increased Efficiency 

Similar to how filters work, if an air duct is dirty, the HVAC system cannot run as efficiently. This means that it has to work twice as hard to produce the same amount of air that it was previously producing. When you get your air ducts cleaned and filters replaced, the system will not have to work as hard. This reduces your risk for repairs and replacements, saves you money on energy bills and extends the life of your commercial HVAC system. 

Reliable Commercial Duct Cleaning Services in Corona, CA

There are so many benefits to scheduling regular commercial duct cleaning services. Not only will the workers in the building thank you, but your wallet will thank you as well. If you are ready to schedule duct cleaning services, no need to search “commercial ac repair near me”. Dynamic Air Services Heating and Cooling Specialists are just the company that you have been looking for.    At Dynamic Air Services, we provide repairs, replacements and maintenance for a variety of heating and cooling systems. Our team has got the expertise and knowledge that they need to provide excellent service. We make customer satisfaction our number one priority during every visit. This is why so many Corona residents choose Dynamic Air Services.   If you are looking for high quality workmanship coupled with friendly customer service, then you need Dynamic Air Services. When you hire one of our technicians, you will not be disappointed with the results.   To schedule an appointment with one of our team members, call us at (949) 979-4592 or contact us online at Dynamic Air Services Heating and Cooling Specialists.   
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