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HVAC Money Saving Tips

Many people’s first thought when it comes to saving money on air conditioning and heating — changing the thermostat to make the home a little less comfortable. That’s no fun, is it?

You can save by adjusting the dial and using better ventilation and circulation to stay comfortable. But there’s a whole lot more to HVAC money savings — and it starts with keeping your equipment in top shape, of course.

Energy Saving Tips that Really Save Money

Since we’re in Southern California, we’ll focus on air conditioning savings. But most of these tips apply in heating season, too. Our top HVAC energy efficiency tips and why they work:

  • Keep the air filters clean: Dust and debris clog the airflow and overheat the motor. Both raise your energy costs. Mark your calendar to clean or replace filters.
  • Use your fans: Even a small tabletop fan can keep you more comfortable. The cost of fans gets far outweighed by the savings from raising the thermostat a degree or two.
  • Consider curtains and trees: Dark or sun-blocking curtains should be closed at night so the morning sun does not immediately heat up the house. Use shade trees to block some sun, too.
  • Don’t close vents: Your ductwork was designed for the best airflow. Shutting a vent does not concentrate the conditioned air in occupied rooms better; at least not very efficiently. Better to open doors and let cooled air circulate.
  • Get a programmable thermostat: Once you program it, there’s nothing to fuss over. Some even have smartphone apps so you can adjust temps while on vacation. You’ll really save by not conditioning air you won’t feel!
Spend Less on HVAC Maintenance

You have to spend a little to save a lot — either your time, or the cost of regular HVAC maintenance.

At the changing of seasons (or whenever you remember — it’s never too late) make a habit of visually inspecting your HVAC equipment. This is when you should clean or replace filters and dust vent covers.

Call an electrician at least annually for both air conditioning and heating tune-ups. A few bucks here and there will save a fortune compared to replacing the HVAC system sooner.

Smart Spending: When to Replace or Add Equipment

Fuel guzzlers that will need additional repairs soon should absolutely be replaced sooner than later.

  • Calculate energy savings: Compare your bills to the expected costs of operating a more efficient appliance. Use this to judge how long it would take for new HVAC equipment to pay for itself.
  • Take repairs as warning signs: When you need an expensive part replaced, ask your electrician how soon they expect something else to give out. Like old cars, HVAC appliances tend to need more repairs late in life.
Schedule Preventive HVAC Maintenance to Save

Take care of your heating and cooling system, and you’ll be rewarded with better efficiency and longevity. For residential or commercial HVAC repairs and tune-ups in Southern California, call Dynamic Air Services or contact us online today!.

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