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The Importance of HVAC Maintenance for Seasonal Allergies

If you’re a homeowner who faithfully schedules HVAC maintenance checks every spring and fall, we applaud you! You’re probably well aware that these annual checkups for your heating and cooling system ensure that your unit runs smoothly and efficiently all year long. But, did you know that regular HVAC maintenance is also beneficial for your seasonal allergies? So, if you’re a homeowner who frequently skips inspections, you won’t be able to hide away from the season’s pollen or allergens inside your home!

Without regular cleaning or maintenance, your heating and cooling system sees a buildup of dust, pollen, mold, and other allergens. So, instead of keeping you comfortable in your home, your system could be causing you serious allergy and health issues.

HVAC Maintenance Tips You Can Do

Again, regular inspections create a healthier living space for you and your family. And, in addition to these annual maintenance checks, there are also a few extra things you can do to ensure you have a healthy, happy home, including:

  • Regularly check your air filters – While your filters will be changed during your routine inspections, you’ll want to check them more often. To keep your air as clean as possible, filters should be cleaned or changed every 60 to 90 days.
  • Inspect your air ducts for mold and debris – You’ll want your ducts professionally cleaned every so often to clean out buildup. Check your ducts to see if it’s time!
  • Clean around your outdoor unit – Keep dust out and prevent clogs in your condensate drain.
  • Consider other indoor air quality methods – A whole-house dehumidifier can help allergies by clearing out damp, stale air, while an air purifier will kill bacteria, mold, and more!
It’s Never Too Late to Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Did you skip your system’s most recent checkup? Dynamic Air Services can help! We’ve been providing technical excellence, great customer service, and fair prices to the residents of Southern California for nearly 15 years. Even though we’re halfway through summer, a maintenance check now will still benefit your cooling system and your home. Our expert technicians will free your unit of dirt and allergens, ensuring you can breathe easy the rest of the season. Plus, we’ll check for any issues that could be preventing your AC from running in top shape.

Don’t let your home make your allergies worse! Contact us online or call ​949-649-8794 today for your HVAC maintenance needs.

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