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Environmentally Friendly HVAC Systems

I’m sure you’ve heard advertisements every day about “going green” and with it now being summer, you’ve almost certainly heard heating and cooling contractors advertising environmentally friendly, energy efficient HVAC systems. What constitutes an environmentally friendly HVAC system though? How do you determine whether a system is truly environmentally friendly like the advertisements claim?

Read on and we’ll address many of the components that contribute to an energy efficient HVAC system.

What Makes HVAC Systems Energy Efficient

There are a number of things that go into making an HVAC system efficient. Some factors of energy efficiency are innovations and engineering of HVAC systems themselves while others relate to proper upkeep and maintenance of your system after it has been installed.

Regular Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance is critical for keeping your HVAC system performing at peak efficiency. HVAC tune-ups ensure optimal efficiency and longer system lifespan. HVAC systems have a number of moving parts, and keeping those parts in like-new condition will keep your system working like new for longer.


Having your HVAC system properly sized is vital to its efficiency. If you buy the most energy efficient system on the market, but size it incorrectly, it will work harder than it needs to while delivering less than optimal results. This will lead to increased wear and tear and the loss of much of the energy savings promised.

Properly Sealed Ductwork

Up for 20 percent of your energy efficiency can be lost through improperly sealed duct work. Poorly sealed and maintained ducts can actually be your home’s biggest energy water, so be sure to have your ducts inspected and cleaned regularly. Your HVAC system goes beyond just the heating and cooling units. The entire system must be optimized to provide maximum energy efficiency. A highly efficient HVAC system can have much of its savings negated by your ductwork.

Two Stage Compressors

Your AC’s compressors are generally the largest consumers of electricity in the entire system. Two-stage compressors are common on energy efficient cooling systems and work by automatically compressing more on hot days, and less on cool days–saving energy, and money.

If you want to get a cooling system that delivers maximum performance and energy savings, look for a cooling system with two stage compressors.

Buy An Energy Star System

The easiest way to ensure that you are getting an energy efficient HVAC system is to simply look for the Energy Star logo. Energy Star is a rating system run by the Department of Energy that rates systems based on the amount of energy they use. Energy Star systems have more efficient technology than non-Energy Star certified systems and can cut energy costs by as much as 50 percent.

If you are being pitched a system without an Energy Star certification, you are not purchasing and energy efficient system. Always ask for Energy Star certification.

Environmentally Friendly HVAC Systems in Southern California

If you’re looking for energy efficient HVAC systems in Southern California, call Dynamic Air Services today. We have worked hard in the past 15 years to build our business and have done this by providing excellent customer service at an affordable price. All of our factory trained technicians carry full licensing and insurance and are trained in all the latest products and techniques.

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