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Don’t Forget Your Spring AC Tune-Up

Air conditioners perform better when given an annual tune-up. Spring makes the most sense because you’re about to rely on cooling, but the busy season for HVAC technicians has not yet begun. And since your AC has been taking easy that last several months, you might not realize that problems have begun.

Here’s why you should schedule a spring tune-up for your air conditioner this year — especially if you didn’t get it checked out last year:

  • Maximize energy efficiency: Dusty and damaged air conditioners don’t perform at the SEER ratings promised by the manufacturer. An AC system with problems may cost you quite a bit extra this summer if you don’t take action.
  • Prevent the worst case scenario: An annual tune-up costs less and creates much less stress compared to an August meltdown.
  • Get your ducts in a row: A technician can test and seal ductwork to prevent energy loss and create a more consistent airflow throughout the home.
  • Save yourself from a DIY nightmare: You can probably change the filter yourself, but the rest of a tune-up requires a trained HVAC technician. Don’t risk knocking something off-kilter and ruining the performance of your AC.
What Happens During an AC Tune-Up?

A basic air conditioner maintenance visit includes cleaning the filter, vents, fan blades, and other parts, and recharging the refrigerant. But you can get even more benefits out of a spring tune-up.

Ask your HVAC company about the diagnostic equipment they use and what services are included in their tune-up package. You don’t want to jump for the lowest price out there only to find out that the technician barely did anything.

The best AC tune-ups include airflow testing, ductwork leak repairs, and electrical testing. It pays to get everything professional inspected and repaired in one visit.

Money Savings from Spring AC Maintenance

The only reason to hesitate about a spring tune-up is that you have to pay for something, and you don’t know for sure if there’s a problem. This is a misconception, however.

Even a relatively new air conditioner in good condition benefits from a tune-up. You’ll save money in the long run:

  • Lower energy bills this summer
  • Reduced risk of repairs
  • Avoid a costly emergency appointment later on
  • Maintain a warranty that requires annual tune-ups
  • Maximize the longevity of your HVAC equipment
Schedule a Spring AC Tune-Up in Southern California

Make an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you, and get ready for a worry-free summer of reliable cooling. Dynamic Air Services offers spring AC maintenance from certified technicians who use cutting-edge diagnostics tools. Call 949-649-8794 or contact us online today.

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