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AC Troubleshooting Tips

When your air conditioner works correctly, you barely need to think about it. Yet one small problem can lead to problems with cooling performance, noise levels, and energy efficiency. Thankfully, most air conditioning problems can be solved with a simple tune-up.

If you’re experiencing an AC issue not covered below, feel free to give us a call at Dynamic Air Services!

AC Not Cooling Well?

If your air conditioner does not cool sufficiently, it’s best to start with a tune-up. Ask your local HVAC company to check things out, or inspect things yourself. At a minimum, this involves cleaning the air filter, hosing down the condenser, dusting vents, and securing all connections.

Try feeling the air close to the vents. Is it pretty cold? If so, then you might need to look into insulation upgrades like weatherstrips for doors and windows and plugging attic leaks.

Otherwise, HVAC repair services are in order. We can add refrigerant, tune-up the condenser, clean and seal air ducts, and make sure the AC runs as cool as it should.

AC Won’t Turn On At All?

First rule out electrical issues. Check the thermostat battery, reset the breakers for both the indoor and outdoor AC units, and look for damage to the wiring. If everything seems normal but the system does not even blow air, call for HVAC service.

Humid Air from Air Conditioner

Humidity really dampens the mood, doesn’t it? Take a close look at the evaporator coils and refrigerant line. These may be frosted over or damaged. Also make sure the condensate drain is clean and level.

Again, cleaning the air filter and everything else can help — a cleaner running AC will remove moisture from the air. HVAC repair is required for refrigerant problems, though.

AC Cycles On and Off at Wrong Intervals

Either the filter, condenser and evaporator need a cleaning, or else the thermostat is to blame. After an AC tune-up, check if the thermostat is level and consider whether the thermostat location is too close to the vents or a hot area.

Noisy Air Conditioner

Think about where the air conditioner noise comes from — does it sound like a motor or fan, or are the ducts shaking? Start with cleaning and tightening all the screws. Look for bent or broken fan blades, too. Rattling ducts can sometimes be fixed by purposefully putting a small dent in it so you don’t have large, flat sheet metal rattling around.

Noisy air conditioners can be irritating and confounding, and the noise may actually be a warning sign of worsening conditions. Don’t hesitate to call for AC repairs to get it over with and ensure proper functioning.

AC Troubleshooting and Repairs in Southern California

When a new air filter and simple maintenance do not solve your headaches, professional HVAC service is just a phone call away. For help fixing inefficient, noisy, or broken air conditioners in the Orange County area, call Dynamic Air Services at ​949-649-8794 or contact us online today.

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